April 17, 2007

Rock Springs Run

A beautiful little spring run not to be missed is Rock Springs Run located in Apopka, Florida (about 40 minutes from Orlando). Given that we were in Orlando last weekend to see the Flaming Lips, we decided totake it for a spin. The effort was well worth it. Spring runs are among some of the most beautiful paddles in Florida. They offer excellent, crystal-clear water visibility and attract a wide array of wildlife. The Rock Springs Run actually passes through several distinct habitat types and the constitution of the river changes as well. You pass through shallow, clear water areas with an abundance of spatterdock and flowing grasses, to shaded dark water riparian areas fringed with maples and cypress. The variety of bird life is wonderful and at several points in the paddle we caught brief glimpses of otters. One important note to future paddlers concerning the shuttle service provided by one of the local providers: They only have one pick up at 5pm and they are not inclined to hang around long after that time. We ended up rushing the last portion of the trip which was unfortunate because it was also one of the most scenic sections of the river.